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    Mold Busters -a professional mould testing and removal service in Ireland

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    Our Service provides long-term protection against...

    · Mould · Odours · Bacteria · Viruses · Fungi · Spores

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    Our Treatment solutions cover Commercial

    and Residential Environments

  • MultiDez

    Mould is a Biohazard and should be dealt with by experts only

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    Applied in Ireland by our Local experts

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    Protect your home and workplace - call the experts!

    Mould Busters

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    Air Quality and Mould Removal Services

    Fast, Effective and Affordable


Welcome to Mould Removal & Disinfection Services

We are a mobile Anti-Microbial service catering for both commercial and residential environments.

If you have a problem with Mould, Bacteria, Viruses & odours then we have the solution. We not only eliminate microbes, but provide long-term protection of your environment against their return!

Eliminate Mould


Kill Germs & Bacteria


Eliminate Odours


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